We are meeting today 2/23 at Chamberlin School – NOON….to distribute flyers in that neighborhood. PLEASE if you could donate one HOUR of your time. We are meeting at NOON – Volunteers will be given Donuts and Coffee…maps of the neighborhood. and we are asking everyone to do 2 streets. (about 40 houses) It will NOT take more than an hour of your time. We appreciate anyone that can help and get to know your neighbors 4 this great cause. DONUTS

SB Board Admits errors

The south burlington School Board admits errors in its tax tables after residents question their data.

After much scrutiny the SB actually revised their tax tables after conversations with the Tax Department & corrected the tax tables they have largely distributed on their website for months and in their leaflets mailed in the Other Paper. Revised chart below.


VOTE NO on March 3rd

Against the $345.6 million bond* for the proposed new school for South Burlington. *$345.6 million represents all costs for the $209.6 million investment including interest for 32 years

Why you should VOTE NO for the $345.6 million bond School Board Position

  1. Board is saying that Buildings are at the end of their useful life. Board is pushing to demolish and build new school, requires spending of $209.6 million
  2. A new building will facilitate modern teaching and learning models for future needs.
  3. Vermont needs to invest big now for an “ideal space” for the 21st century to retain and grow the student population. It is the responsibility of the community and taxpayers to plan for 50-60 years.
  4. The new Investment can be supported based on an increase in taxes over 32 years. The State will support any shortfall for residents with income sensitivity. South Burlington residents are keen to support a modern school for the future.

Things to Consider before voting

  1. Existing buildings can be renovated for $31-$55 million. Additional smaller buildings can be considered in the future for a smaller investment. The community can ask the School Board to do a 2nd design review that allows the community to review and vote on the options.
  2. Apart from pictures and videos, the School Board has not shared any details on educational outcomes. Ask the Board
    to benchmark the benefits of the proposed plan.
  3. Other states like MA provide substantial financial support (30-50%) for new schools to facilitate visionary initiatives. VERMONT does not. Before placing the burden on taxpayers, ask for help from Federal and other state education agencies. VERMONT legislature is currently discussing funding for aging VT school infrastructure. Why not wait for state support?
  4. ~50% of S. Burlington residents meet income sensitivity standards. Board has not acknowledged the impact of $5600 cap. Income sensitivity shortfall adds to financial burden of Vermont, and in turn, its citizens which will lead to current residents being forced to sell and move away or send their kids to other schools .

Decision 2020 – South Burlington Schools

Introducing our Blog site

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Why a site?

  • To get the financial facts out to South Burlington citizens about the impacts of the SB bond vote on March 3rd.
  • We will talk about fiscal responsibility and long term impacts
  • We aim to get this information to the vast majority of the town.
  • If we are successful we will defeat the proposal for a 349$ million dollar new mega school combining the middle and high schools.